Every lawn needs some warm and sunny weather - and June is definitely the perfect month for that. However, the summer is also a challenge for many lawns mostly because of the potential issues that need control and prevention.

If you are based in Michigan, you know that proper care is important for a healthy and lush lawn. Some of the crucial activities you need to do this month include:

  • Fertilization
  • Pest and disease control
  • Weed control
  • Repair damage caused by wear and tear

Keeping your lawn lush and healthy requires a lot of attention. Speaking of, different grasses need different levels of attention - and differ when it comes to the lawn care needed every month.

Lawn Care In June: The Most Important Aspects

Before we list the most important aspects of lawn care in June, it is important to improve the health of your lawn with the best practices. If you are quite new to lawn care and landscape maintenance, perhaps the best way to proceed is by hiring an expert.

1.Mowing the lawn

Regular mowing is key for a great looking lawn. The temperatures in June as well as the moisture trigger the growth of your grass - which is why regular mowing ensures a beautiful and dense turf. By regular here, we mean mowing the lawn at least once in every one or two weeks.

If the conditions become dry, you can mow the grass on every 10 to 14 days and control its seed heads. Finally, you should adjust your mowing height and suit the growing conditions.


Fertilization is another big part of that June lawn care puzzle. If it is your first application of a fertilizer this June, you should use a 2-3 month slow release Spring & Summer fertilizer. This product has good grass safety and will certainly take you through until the autumn.

Similar to this, if you made an early spring application of a spring and summer fertilizer, your second application should come this month (June). Alternatively, you can use a liquid fertilizer every 4 to 6 weeks and control the lawn in a more regular way.

If soil moisture is available and the growth has slowed with some loss of color, consider an application of fertilizer that maintains your lawn’s looks, color and health.

3.Weed control

Weeds should be well on the way in June, which is why this month is great for applying a weed killer to the entire lawn. You can do it either by a knapsack sprayer or watering. If you are using a watering, you can try using a sprinkle bar for a more accurate application.

Weed control is important in the month of June. Ideally, you should know how to work with a combination of applications and treat individual weeds separately. If you are new to this concept too, perhaps it’s about time to hire a Michigan lawn company.

4.Watering the lawn

If you water your lawn this month, you should do it in the mornings - and therefore reduce the likelihood of red thread. This is also a time when dry patches of fairy rings start appearing - and can easily spoil a great looking lawn.

Some watering, a very shallow spiking and applications of a wetting agent is all that you need from now until August.

5.Aeration and de-compaction

Aeration is highly beneficial, only if it is done properly. If your conditions allow, you can get lawn aerators (rolling ones, sandals etc.) to make the job easier. At the very least, you should be looking to use a fork on the most trafficked areas around the clothes lines and the path-to-lawn entry points.

A great addition would be a grass seed and fertilizer to the worn areas after you finish aerating. Once you do that, you can start watering the lawn thoroughly.

6.Pests and diseases

When it comes to lawn pests and diseases in June, the most common one is red thread. It occurs as humidity levels rise, causing severe disfiguring of the grass leaves.

In addition to red thread, there may be ‘dry patches’ known as ‘fairy rings’ which become evident over time. Watering, light spiking, fertilization and a wetting agent go a long way of relieving these problems.

Below, we are listing the best applications and techniques for a green lawn - whether you have warm or cool season grass.

June Care For Warm-Season Grasses

  • Feed your warm season grass every four to eight weeks during its active summer growth period
  • Focus on fertilization in order to give your lawn the nutrition it needs
  • Monitor the real time and regional conditions and adjust your watering accordingly

June Care For Cool-Season Grasses

  • Give your lawn 1 inch of water per week (including rainfall) - which is an approximate equivalent to 620 gallons per 1,000 square feet
  • Check out the real time conditions and potential irrigation
  • Raise your mowing heights to 3 to 4 inches - high blades shade roots and encourage deep growth and heat resilience

Hire A Michigan Lawn Expert Today

In the end, June is not the only month where your lawn needs care and attention. In times when there are just too many busy homeowners (like yourself), the best way to get a green, healthy and lush lawn is by hiring a lawn expert.

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