Lawn Maintenance

Your sparkling green, thick, lush and healthy lawn is our business card, this is why our lawn care services include complete mowing with daily sharpened blades, changing the mowing pattern weekly, string trimming around all edging, trees, and hardscapes, removal of freshly cut grass from all requested areas, sidewalk and driveway edging of grass and soil, seasonal aeration and dethatching, and so on. Your lawn will be manicured, healthy, thriving and inviting all year long.

Fertilization and Weed Control

A lawn cannot thrive in the lack of proper fertilization and weed control – mandatory tasks to preserve its health and development. Unfortunately, many companies pour cheap substances on the ground with no consideration for their harmful effects. We decided to offer integrated fertilization and weed control programs that fully comply with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, performed by licensed professionals. We tailor our interventions depending on the soil’s chemical composition and needs. We use top-shelf labels that are safe for the environment and the inhabitants. We use only selective treatments that repel weeds without affecting the grasses.

Outdoor Pest & Mosquito Control

Our residential and commercial pest control programs are tailored to get you rid of unwanted critters without damaging the landscape or endanger your health. Our pest control programs involve initial assessments of the situation, interventions and follow-ups to make sure the pests don’t return. All our treatments are tailored to fend off the pests and safeguard beneficial insects.

Landscape Maintenance

We are licensed professionals, and can maintain your lush and beautiful landscapes in full compliance with the industry’s standards and trends. Besides the usual trees and shrubs regular pruning, we also offer seed and sod installations, flower and vegetation planting, and more. Our landscaping services cover a full year and are adaptable to the seasons, your needs and wishes in terms of looks and functionality.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring and fall are certainly two busy seasons for all homeowners, as flower beds need to be tidy, trees and shrubs need to be pruned (and the vegetal debris removed), and fall leaves need to be taken away for aesthetic and health reasons. We are equipped and qualified to perform full spring and fall cleanups to make sure every spot of your lawn and landscape is neat, tidy, refreshed and ready to thrive.

Snow Removal & Deicing

Winter has its share of fun, but its worst side is snow and ice piling up, debilitating walking and driving and affecting businesses’ flow of operations. Our snow removal and deicing services cover both residential and commercial properties. We want to keep you safe, your driveways and sidewalks clean and your business and everyday life free from winter nuisances. We only use top-shelf equipment and substances that don’t harm surfaces and hardscapes and we are ready to serve you no matter how harsh the weather is.